Trying Tanya Burr's Cookies!

Today I thought, as I felt like doing some baking, that I should try the coveted Tanya Burr's Cookies recipe for the first time, and that was definitely a good idea! I followed this Click here for recipe almost exactly ( I always put my own spin on things) and they turned out pretty amazing! All I did to change it up was to put drinking chocolate in instead of coco powder and added more milk to make them slightly thinner and more gooey! 

I will be making these way more often and anyone who hasn't tried them yet (not many people) really should! 

And for a little life update, I have a job trial on Saturday as a waitress! How exiting! I have actually never been a waitress before so any tips would be super welcome!

Sorry for the super short post today But I have spent most of the day preparing for future fashion posts that will be coming soon! I am also looking forward to putting some really high standard photography on here when I start studying it in September!

Thanks for reading!
Byeeeee xxx


  1. Those cookies look AMAZING! Good luck on Saturday! :)


  2. Even your version looks absolutely delicious! I'm definitely going to have to try this out!

  3. Thanks! They are kind of millies cookie-esque haha :D xx


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