Rust in the Summer

Photo Credits : elizabethmariagoodrick
Hey guys! So, its looking to me like summer is ending and the summer post that I've been waiting to write might me a lil overdue. However, when on holiday with a blogger bestie you have to take advantage of the photography skills and hot weather and do a post anyway, and who knows, in the UK summer seems to  last to November weather wise anyway so this might just be worth it! 

When we went to Cyprus we got up to a lot, from Jumping off 40ft cliffs to riding a fly fish to partying in Ayia Napa we rarely had time to stop and relax, but when we did, we would usually go out for a meal and enjoy the warm evening air. This, is my favourite and definitely most worn outfit for the evenings with my hair down and straight. In my opinion the combo of the skirt and the pretty, pretty ass heels is a winner, and the bodysuit is quite figure flattering so all in all it just worked! Where I got it all is below, however that's kind of irrelevant because its most likely all out of stock by now. I mean at least it's inspiration for you all! :)

Hat - ASOS
Bodysuit - American Apparel
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - ASOS

Thanks for reading yall, I will be posting many many autumn posts from now on as it is undoubtedly the best time of year (and Christmas), so my blog will be super active for the coming months!

I'm like seriously seriously excited for the cold weather,
Like i'm already knitting myself a scarf,
And thinking of Christmas plans,
Its unhealthy.

Buuut anyways thanks for stopping by and bye for now! xoxo

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