Frinspiration - Lieke van der Vorst

Honestly I'm totally in love with Lieke van der Vorst's work, I don't know what it is about it, maybe its the irony of the animals taking the humans place, or the beautifully understated color schemes, or simply just because they remind me of my most favorite time of the year (Autumn/Winter) but I really cant get enough, as I love Illustrations that are this style Its no surprise that these ones appeal to me but I am surprised and just how much they draw me in and make me feel. Kind of gives me that tingly feeling in your stomach when you get exited about your birthday or Christmas!

Also, don't you just love the detail of the fur and the blankets? Totally obsessed! I definitely take a lot of inspiration from Lieke van der Vorst and hope to find many more artists in the future that make me love them just as much! 

Thanks for reading! Do you have any artists you recommend I take a look at? Or even if you have some art that you want someone else to see? Leave a comment and I would love to take a look! 

Byeeeee xoxo

Photo a Day, Day 10

Photo found on Google 

Photo a Day, Day 9

Taken by Me, Plant 

Photo a Day, Day 7

Taken by me, mesh 

Photo a Day, Day 6

Both photos taken by me, Tin foil

Photo a Day, Day 8

Taken by me, Moss

Photo a day, day 5

Taken from Galaxies and Hurricanes Flickr Account 

The £10 Dress

Having just been paid Me and Kirsty went out to watch the new film Paper Towns, Which was amazing by the way! After we went to the local shops and went in H&M and I found this beautiful, autumn themed, long sleeved dress, i'm in love! It was only £9.99 and its lovely! 

Just thought id share that with you as its such a steal! 
Byeeeee <3

Flour Shoot

So I did a flour shoot, I freakin loved it. :)
Also, I changed my blog address from to . In case you needed to know!

Photo a Day, Day 4

Photo by @merrysteed.jpg instagram

Photo a Day, Day 3

Taken by me, of my sister ella

Photo a Day, Day 2

Taken by me, on a cannon 100d

Photo a day, Day 1

Taken by me, of my sister :)

Photo a day, 15 days

Taken by me on a Cannon 100D

For 15 days I have decided to get a chance to get to know my photography style and post a photo a day. I love the idea of conceptual, portrait, fashion and lots more photography styles and will choose some of either my favorite photographs from another photographer or one that I have taken personally (and obviously state that! )

If I have time I will also try and do other posts on top of that! 

See you on day 1! <3

A day out in Manchester

Maddy and Blanche talking in french (I had no idea what they were saying haha :)

Kirsty looking wistful in the museum

A couple of days ago I spent a day in Manchester with three of my friends and one of their french exchanges, we did some culture hunting around the museum and had a mooch around the shops and I thought I would take advantage of it and make a blog post!
It might not be the most interesting but I for one love looking through peoples pictures of a lovely day that they had so I thought I would share my lovely day with you! 

Thanks for reading! See you soooon!

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