Cheese, Tomato and Herb Spring Sharing Bread

So as its Easter Sunday and the spring has officially sprung I thought I would give you guys a nice idea for sharing bread to have for lunch or snack on it with family and friends! This recipes pretty simple and adaptable to taste and I would say its a perfect centrepiece for a family Easter snack! Haha :)

So first off, here are the Ingredients! 

Loaf of bread
Spring onion
Mixed herbs
Olive oil
Tomato Purree

So to make this tres grande bread, you first off need to cut it into cubes to almost the bottom, but making sure it's all still connected at the bottom. Then, slice the cheese super thin and stuff the cracks LOADS so that when it melts it will cover each little bit. Then mix the finely cut onion, garlic, mixed herbs and olive oil together and sprinkle it all over, so it falls down all of the cracks evenly. Then, the choice is yours, not that it wasn't up to now anyway, I mean this bread will be nice with pretty much whatever melts well with cheese so just go for it and experiment! I decided to add Tomato Puree to half of it and actually much preferred that half so I'd deffo recommend that! Then bake it on about a medium heat until the cheese is melted.You also have the option to fry the onion mix so it's cooked first but i actually kind of like the crunch! Then I'd recommend slicing the same cracks again to separate it up and then serve!

So there it is, some springy bread for you to share :)

Thanks for reading and if you try this, be sure to let me know! 

What's your favourite Easter snack food? 

The First Day of Spring

So as today is the official first day of spring, and the weather actually seconded that, my family and I decided to take a walk and have some springlike food to start it off! Its not often that the weather on the first day of spring is actually good but because it was today, and it was the first day of the year where we've been on a proper sunny walk. We also had some hot cross buns and banana pancakes. I mean really. How much more springy can you get?! 

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate all the comments and feedback I get as you are all amazingly nice! So keep them coming as it means I can go over to your blogs and I actually LOVE that!

What did you do today?  

The Best Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe in the World!


For the Cake:

225 g  unsalted butter, softened
250 g  caster sugar
4 medium eggs
Grated zest of 3 lemons
225 g  self-raising flour

For the drizzle topping:

Juice 2½ lemons
125 g  caster sugar


So first, do the thing that you should always do, but I always forget to, turn the oven on. Preheat it to about 180/fan and get ready a big loaf tray by lining it with baking paper. Then mix the butter and sugar in a big bowl until it's pale, which in my case took for freakin ever even with an electric mixer. You might get lucky if you use stork but real butter takes soooo long to mix! Then mix the flour and eggs in parts, like add a bit of flour, mix, add a bit of egg, mix, and carry on till it's all done. I just recommend you do this so it doesn't curdle because that makes it lumpy. Once that's all mixed and smooth start to grate the zest of three lemons, well, I use three because I like it extremely lemony but if you don't you can probably take it down to one and have it still have the taste. Then just Pour it all in to the tray and bake it for about 50 mins, but at 45 check with a knife because it might be done by then. Whilst it's cooking squeeze the three lemons (again, you can cut it down if you want it less strong) and sive out the seeds and bits. Then mix in the sugar and leave it in the fridge until the cake is almost cool. Then pour the drizzle over the cake and let it settle in! Then you can eat it, which is obvs the best bit!

This recipe was developed over the past few tries of me making this, its kind of a mix of loads of recipes and my ideas. 

I had a bit when it was warm and I'm not going to lie, It was amazing. That's why I called it the best lemon drizzle cake in the world! I'm just about to eat my Sunday roast and then I will most likely have another piece! Haha. I'm actually kind of glad that I'm on this dechox because it reminded me of my favourite, non-chocolate cake and, although I am definitely missing chocolate, I would be ok with eating just this cake for the est of time!

Thanks for reading and if you decide to make this let me know what you think!

What's your favourite cake?

February Favourites!

Zoeva - Powder


Morning Energy - Clean and Clear

Lush - So White

How to be Parisian Wherever you Are

Olympus Camera

It's been a while since I did a real post, I have done a phew photography bits and pieces but today my marble background arrived so I just couldn't resist doing a Feb Faves. 

So first of all, I have to talk about the basic ones, The brush, for example, is pretty basic and I think one of my Zoeva brushes has featured in nearly every single one of my monthly favourites but I wouldn't if there wasn't good reason. I am literally in love. For real. Its the best for powder. I also included Vaseline in here because my lips have been extreeeeeemely dry recently and this massive Vaseline pot has been an absolute god send. Ngl.

I've also included a Clean and Clear face scrub in here. I've always thought that Clean and Clear was a bit crappy but I bought it because it was cheap and I wanted to try it out. I honestly wasn't that impressed with the smell but it is the nicest, freshest feeling face scrub of all time. I'm not kidding, I'll be using this morningly. Haha! My favourite thing so far however is deffo my last so white Bath Bomb. I'm in denial that its the last one because I stocked up at Christmas and now there out of store this is literally my last one before next Christmas. Like what. No. Not fair. I know I'm making this sound very dramatic but this is how much I love so white. A lot.

Last couple of things are my camera and my book, both Christmas presents, both amazing. Firstly, the camera. Its a 70's Olympus and although I haven't actually developed any of the films yet. I just love took of it and the clunky sound it makes when you take the photo! 

How to be Parisian is a book telling anyone who reads it the ins and outs of Parisian women's lives and I would honestly say its now like a bible to me. I feel like I was definitely supposed to be born Parisian.  I saw this in Urban Outfitters and it went straight on my list because of the fashion pages that were on it however I didn't realise how many of the other parts I would love! Like excerpts from a Parisian conversation. (Obviously translated I cant read French no matter how much I wish I could!) Its the best book. 

Thanks for reading! Its felt good shooting a flatlay for the first time in months haha!

What have been your Favourites this month?

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