Cheese, Tomato and Herb Spring Sharing Bread

So as its Easter Sunday and the spring has officially sprung I thought I would give you guys a nice idea for sharing bread to have for lunch or snack on it with family and friends! This recipes pretty simple and adaptable to taste and I would say its a perfect centrepiece for a family Easter snack! Haha :)

So first off, here are the Ingredients! 

Loaf of bread
Spring onion
Mixed herbs
Olive oil
Tomato Purree

So to make this tres grande bread, you first off need to cut it into cubes to almost the bottom, but making sure it's all still connected at the bottom. Then, slice the cheese super thin and stuff the cracks LOADS so that when it melts it will cover each little bit. Then mix the finely cut onion, garlic, mixed herbs and olive oil together and sprinkle it all over, so it falls down all of the cracks evenly. Then, the choice is yours, not that it wasn't up to now anyway, I mean this bread will be nice with pretty much whatever melts well with cheese so just go for it and experiment! I decided to add Tomato Puree to half of it and actually much preferred that half so I'd deffo recommend that! Then bake it on about a medium heat until the cheese is melted.You also have the option to fry the onion mix so it's cooked first but i actually kind of like the crunch! Then I'd recommend slicing the same cracks again to separate it up and then serve!

So there it is, some springy bread for you to share :)

Thanks for reading and if you try this, be sure to let me know! 

What's your favourite Easter snack food? 


  1. WOW this sounds and looks amazing! Must try it asap thank you for sharing dear! xxxxx

    1. It was :) and no problem, thanks for reading! xoxo

  2. This looks so yummy, I think I will have to try this too! xx


  3. This looks bloody lovely, wasn't thinking it was gonna be like this :)

  4. This is so so yummy! I'll have to try it :)

  5. Omg, this looks so damn delicious!
    Gorgeous idea, I will keep that in mind :)

    xoxo, Colli


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