Photo Diary - Afflecks, Ezra & Gil


Today I thought I would make a little photo diary of when I had a day out in Manchester. As usual, we go to Manchester, but, not so usually, we didn't go shopping! Woah. We just went and had a look around Afflecks and then looked around The Whitworth. We also stopped in at Ezra&Gil which, can I just say, was AMAZING. If your ever in Manchester you should totally stop off. It's literally hipster central up in there! After Manchester we went to the Trafford centre where I had a burrito and I'm nor gonna lie. I freaking LOVE burritos.

So that is it for today, sorry it was slightly short and probs boring but this one was kind of for me, I want to do more photo diaries so I can look back and remember these cute little days out! Haha, what a loser.  

See ya later, Isobel xoxo


  1. Just found your blog it's gorgeous I especially love all of your photos :)

    Davina at x


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