Green Smoothie AF

You may look at this and think I've been extremely healthy today and I'm basically a Bonny Rebecca - Ella Grace Denton hybrid but really, I've ate almost a whole pizza, bar of chocolate, cake and chips today. Oh dear. So in order to counteract that (in my head anyway) I decided to make a greeeeen AF smoothie. And I know your all going to love it because I certainly did!

First off, Ingredients -

Half a Canary melon
Half a pineapple
2 kiwis
A handful of spinach
1 Large Banana
Half a lime


So obviously you have to chop all of this up, take the skin 
off, the cores out and chop them in to cube-ish 
pieces. Then throw it all in a blender
 and drink it up! Its not hard really I mean its just a
 smoothie. Haha :) Then I squeezed the lime over the 
top which made it super tangy and refreshing! 

So the whole green smoothie concept is relatively new to me and although I've seen them everywhere I've never actually tried one, and, this one tastes just the opposite to how I would expect. I was expecting the spinach to make it disgusting and bitter but its just the opposite! I actually like it! I think the banana and melon sweetened it up just enough. Usually I wouldn't expect melon to go into smoothie but I think it improved it massively! I wouldn't say this is a breakfast smoothie at all, its a bit too tangy for my taste buds in the morning anyway! Buuut, it works perfectly as a snack smoothie. I know I know calories calories but it tastes good and tricked you into thinking your healthy k? k. But really though, I'm going to try and be more healthy now Easter has passed because I want that beautiful model body (I can dream ok?). I will attempt to take you guys along with me :)

I just realised this layout looks just like GCSE English letter writing. Meh. I like it.

Thanks for reading today! 

What's your favourite smoothie?


  1. This looks so good definitely gonna be making these all the time when I get my own place in May :) the photos are brilliant!!

    Davina at x

  2. Wow this looks and sounds delicious! I really want to make it asap, thank you so much for sharing! xxxxx

  3. I've never had a green smoothie before, but I really want to try one and this one looks really good! I bet i'll feel so healthy after that one glass!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Haha thanks! And you totally will, I did! :) xoxo

  4. i want to try the recipes! looks so refreshing
    have a great day

  5. This looks SO good!!

    Natalie |


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