Let's take the Train to Anywhere

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This is such a pretty quote! I am so passionate about travelling and I am looking forward to going to everywhere in the future, but mostly, I am dreaming every day of visiting the beautiful Italy. That's been my dream all my life. I have always wanted to travel and I think that's because in our family we have never really had the money to travel however it has just made my dreams bigger and now I am looking forward to having finished education and being able to just jump on a train and go anywhere!

Italy is my main dream because I feel like its such a beautiful and interesting country, however there are so many other places that I want to go such as Brazil, all of America, China, Japan, Africa...I mean i'm having to list whole continents because I cant narrow it down! But we get the idea,I want to go everywhere, and hopefully in the future when I can save up enough money I can take you all with me on the journey!

Where do you want to travel?

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