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As an urban decay devotee I felt obliged to do a favorites as one of my first posts. Now there are so many amazing urban decay products that I am absolutely in love with but I thought for the sake of my fingers (and our brains!) I would keep it short and talk about my three go to lifesaver products!

First of all lets just talk about the biggie here, The Naked 1 Eye shadow Palette is super well known in the blogging world and everyone loves it so its no surprise that I do too. I use these eye shadows almost everyday for a muted and natural wash of color over my eyelids, however these shadows are so easily build-able too, so during the day or going out at night with a smokey dark eye these shadows are actually awesome. Most people say that their favorite color is half baked, which is a lovely color, but its not mine, mine is virgin. Yeah the light one at the very end of the pallet! This it because it is SUCH a beautiful highlighter for the inner corners and brow bone! also, I am in love with Sidecar too, that's my favorite wash over color, Its super muted but rosey and sparkly!

Now onto the eyeliner, "Perversion" is such a lifesaver for me as it has the thinnest applicator and stays on all day, literally all day, no kidding, no flaking, no mess, all day. Even other eyeliners that were more expensive (such as the benefit "They're Real" eyeliner) flaked off extremely quickly on me, and i'm not sure about anyone else but the application wasn't too smooth either, and that was £5 more than this one. At£15 I really do think it's a steal!

And finally, the lightest and wetest yet best coverage foundation I have used in a very long time. Here's the catch, my opinion on foundation is only comparable to high street brands such as Rimmel and Maybeline so i'm not really sure how good this actually is, but to me it feels super light and drys nicely leaving your skin super soft and has really nice coverage. I've never tried Mac or Nars however I will definitely buy Nars sheer glow soon and do a comparison!

Overall I think that urban decay is a simply brilliant brand that is mainly appreciated for its eye products but should be known for much more! Hopefully people reading this can trust my opinion as i would never lie! But i would say check out a few other reviews before purchasing as i'm not a beauty guru after all!

Whats your favorite brand?


  1. Amazing post dear!


  2. Cute little review! My favourite brand is Elf cosmetics; totally cruelty free!
    Sarah-Jane xo // www.vmgirl.me

    1. That's awesome! Will definitely be checking i out :) Thanks for taking the time :)xx


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