Gracetown-San Cisco

As anyone who read my old blog will know, I am not a picky music listener, I love chart music, independent bands and artists, old music, and if I give it a chance, there are some rock bands that I actually really like! But my all time favorite band ever are without a doubt, San Cisco. A small independent band from Australia who always, always, always make me happy! If you like beachy chilled out music then this band is so for you! I first heard their music about 3 years ago, when a friend introduced me to the songs Fred Astaire and Awkward. These are super fun songs and the album that they are on I have had for years, I then went to a concert that they did in the Manchester Deaf Institute which is a super tiny venue and they played music from their first album and honestly I just couldn't believe hoe good they were. I never expect bands to be better in real life than on the radio and I've only experienced that very few times but without doubt San Cisco were incredible. Now that they've released their new album I have literally been listening to it non stop and already know all the words to all the songs!

I don't think its everyone cup of tea but I personally think its beautiful, actually I think all their songs are beautiful!

Here is a couple of particularly likable songs for you to try out...

I cant even explain my love for these guys!

Thanks for reading as always!!!

Who are your all time favorite band?


  1. Really great post:) Have a nice day!


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