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Recently I have been slightly obsessed with watching films in bed with incense and candles burning, and therefore I have been developing a growing love for them, I am obsessed with the smell of smoke (slightly weird, maybe?)  and when its accompanied with the sweet smell of these candles I literally can not resist! Here I've picked out my favorites and although its a weird mix, I still love them together *hahaha!*

Mango Fandango
This is the sweetest, strongest, fruitiest smelling candle i have ever had. Its actually SO GOOD! It has some kind of chili stuff in it (hence the hot,hot,hot!) and I'm not really sure what that does other than look awesome but regardless it smells and looks absolutely lovely! I don't know where you can buy this other than cute independent gift shops but if you seek you shall find! (also I got it for my birthday so I don't even know where I got it from! )

Buttercream Yankee Candle
This candle is also super sweet, but in a sugary way instead of a fruity way, for me, it's such a comforter. I also love how when you light this the flame is super big because the wick is so big! I got this from my grandparents because they didnt like the smell, if your one for the freshest smelling candles then this candle probably isn't the best, but I like such a wide range of candle scents I honestly couldn't say! I would say this is a more wintery candle as its very comforting but I am always looking forward to winter so for me that is so never a problem! Haha :)

Incense Sticks
I was given these incense sticks in this adorable elephant holder for my birthday from Cyprus (my grandma visited there) and I am totally in love! I cant say much about incense other than I will definitely be buying more of it in the long stick form! The scent is lemongrass and there are also some Tropicana ones in yellow, they smell super fresh and there's something about having all the smoke floating around your room that is super beautiful!

Cranberry Ice Yankee Candle
I have a confession, this is quite clearly a Christmas candle... but it just smells so damn good ok?! I actually bought this two christmases ago and didnt burn it for about a year but recently I have been super into it, the smell is definately warm and wintery however the fruitiness just makes burning it in the summer seem weirdly ok!

What are your favorite candles?

Thanks for reading!


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  2. This has helped so much, was actually thinking the other day that I need to expand my candle collection as at the moment it's looking a little sparse!! xx

    1. Awesome! I think my favorite of them all is mango fandango :) xx


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