Meet the people of Manchester - Part 1

This Monday I decided to take a trip to Manchester and capture some of the beautiful and interesting faces and stories that live there.

This was the first person I stopped and asked for a photo, I chose him because he was photographing a building so I thought as a fellow photographer he would get my request for a photo. I was right.
"Photography was my hobby, and now its my job, I love to do weddings but sometimes I just come out and take photos, like I used to." This was his thinking face.

When I stopped this girl and asked her for a photo she looked confused, but when I told her it was because she looked gorgeous her whole aura changed. Her face brightened and I was so happy so see that. I caught the beaming smile on camera but I didn't think it had as much effect as this shot. For some reason the slightly confused look is quite piercing. When I asked her for a line about herself she immediately came out with "I love music!" Short and sweet. Brilliant.

When I asked this man for a photo he said " Only if you can get my t - shirt in!" then I asked him for a line and he replied with "Arr now I feel under pressure..." I expected a bigger response considering his apparently exciting persona... 

One of my favourite people that I came across was this man, a beggar sat next to Costa Coffee with a big smile on his face. He gladly allowed me to take his photo and then when I asked for a line he replied with a whole lot. Firstly he started singing, we thought he wanted us to leave but then he drew me into a conversation about my college work, going on to talk about his history degree. Then concluding with "Have a nice day!" Lovely man.

Talking about lovely people, this man certainly qualified as one. When I asked for his photo he asked why and I replied for a college project. He happily allowed me to take his photo and then asked me where he could find it, I told him my blog name (so hi if your reading this!). I asked him for a line and he replied with "I hate talking about myself, haha". He then told me that if I wanted to find out more about him I should look at his Instagram, whilst handing me his business card. I wasn't surprised when I saw his amazing Instagram, as his clothes and appearance completely and utterly reflected his personality, but I was amazed at his beautiful and giant street murals and the fact he was a freaking mountain climber! Amazing. Check him out @tankpetrol.

This lady was absolutely brilliant, she was so happy and flattered when I called her over to take her photo and couldn't believe me when I told her It was because she looked so amazing! When I asked her for a bit about herself she replied with "Its my Silver wedding anniversary this month" and was on her way.

This man was very excited to have his photo taken, that is until he thought I was a reporter when I started asking him questions, when I told his it was only for college however he laughed and answered my original question with "I want ma' dinner." Hilarious.

I really wanted to stop a businessman because I always think they look like they have something to hide, or somewhere to be. This man looked in a rush but I stopped him anyway and his persona just changed, he went from boring businessman to Life loving fun guy in just under 5 seconds. What he said was... "My names Ryan, I moved here from London to be a banker 15 years ago, I'm lovin' every minute of it." In a VERY jolly manner.

This lady wanted me to take her photo but then didn't understand the question, there was a language barrier. She was happy though which was nice.

Now I have never met an elderly woman so full of life as this lady. She was absolutely brilliant. She spoke about how she loved young people, and how she was so proud of her children. She then went on to speak about her past careers, How she worked in fashion and care and how she travelled. She then said she "doesn't believe anyone has to be boring, certainly not me even at age 85." She was a beautiful woman inside and out.

I was drawn to this man because he looked to me like a well travelled, intelligent guy. An Italian who moved recently to study in the music industry. He was happy to have his photo taken and I was happy to take it as his look is super foreign hipster which I love. He then asked where he could find it. I directed him here, so hello if your reading! 

Thanks for reading everyone! There will be a part 2 on the way soon and hopefully many more parts to come!

Byeee for nowww xoxo


  1. This is absolutely wonderful and your photography skills are fantastic, you seem to be able to capture the character of the people you photograph!

    One World, Too Many Pages

  2. Oh wow Isobel, I love this! Always so easy to forget that everyone you walk past has a story to tell; reminds me of HONY. I could see a whole blog dedicated to this! <3

    // xx

    1. that means alot, I absolutely love HONY xx

  3. This is such an amazing post! Honestly, never read anything like this and I love it xx
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