Cinnamon and dark chocolate oats - vegan

A few weeks ago, I would never of even considered going vegan, I thought it meant eating nothing and starving yourself. However, last Monday I came across an Australian girl called Eseena ONeil on youtube who honestly gave me a whole new outlook on veganism! (I recommend you give her a watch) So I don't think I really have the right to explain it all at the moment as its all very new to me, but i'm really truly wanting to go vegan at the moment, and to understand why, watch this video - 101 Reasons to go Vegan and watch Essena's channel, and there are so many other channels with the same theme out there, that you will no doubt come across if your interested! I've also watched a few other documentaries but at the moment i'm on the fence and still changing my lifestyle so I wont link them all, so you guys can start off where I did! Haha :) The main reasons for me however are 1, the way cows are treated when being milked and that they have to get pregnant to produce it and the way the animals are killed , 2, the insane health benefits of being vegan and 3, the benefits on the environment. So because it is such a massive lifestyle change, i'm not totally there yet, I live in a house full of meat and dairy eaters and don't even know one vegan, but I have been really eating as little animal products as possible to get myself started on this journey!

Here is a recipe that I have been eating that's totally animal product free!


Alpro Original Almond Milk


 (I used demerara but the choice is yours! )


Boiled Water

Dark Chocolate
 (check the back if you are worried about milk as most dark chocolates don't include it, but some do)

First off, add as many oats as you want to eat, this recipe is loose ok? Because no one wants to be told how they like their porridge ;) I add the sugar now (not much is needed because the milk is sweet!) because I know how much I want but really, any thing can be added at any stage, as long as it's all in together! I then added enough water to fully soak the oats, just don't drown them in water because the milk will go in after.

 I then mixed that all in and let the oats soak in a little before adding the milk. The milk has a roasted almondy taste and is actually very sweet, but there are other substitutes like soy or coconut, or real milk if you want!

I added just a small amount of milk, to make it nice and creamy and then mixed in a very small teaspoon if cinamon (that includes the stuff sprinkled on top!) you don't need much, the taste will definitely be there.

I then added dark chocolate at the very end and it was literally the yummiest, cristmasseyest, most autumnal porridge ever!

If anyone has some really nice vegan or vegetarian recipes that you swear by then comment them down below!

Thanks for reading, Byeee!


  1. Amazing! I do really like it! You did a great job! I’ll be happy to hear you opinion about my blog!)

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    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely have a look! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much and ill be sure to have a look xoxo

  3. I m generally not an oats person, but this looks very tempting

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    1. Thanks! Ive actually already done it but i really appreciate the gesture :) xoxo


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