August Favorites!

Although I've felt like its been September forever and all through August I was waiting on Autumn, I thought I had better acknowledge the last month of summer before going onto college and onto some of my favorite months! So, here are my August Favorites!

First off, the flower garlands. Although I have only recently bought them I am totally in love and considering I only payed £5 for each in the sales these are a complete bargain! I'm not sure how i'm going to rock the pink one through Autumn but I'm sure I'll find a way! I'm super exited to try and work the Navy one though because I think with Autumn colors It'll look beautiful! 

I chose to include Alexa Chung's 'IT' because it's one of, not only my August favorites, but one of my all time favorites! Its so brilliant to sit on your bed and just flick through this book of total random awesomeness and I really do, do that very often!

Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton is also one of my all time favorites as It just captures everything I love about Noel Fielding. It has so many crazy drawings and  random stories and honestly, its kind of hard to explain if you have never seen him in anything (where have you been?!), but if you have, then you can probably guess how extravagant and crazy it would be! Even if your not familiar with him I would say that if you like art or crazyness then definitely invest!

Next, I just have to talk, for the millionth time since I started blogging, about my love for The rose gold, Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer. Its my all time favorite blending brush and I have been reaching for it almost every day throughout August!
The other brush that I have been reaching for almost every day is the ecotools stippling brush. Its such a brilliant blending brush for foundation and if I'm going to use foundation, I'm going to use this brush!
This is my 50mm lens that my parents got me for my results, I am literally IN LOVEEE for portrait photography this is a total godsend! So you will be seeing a lot more fashion posts on here from now on!

I thought I would include my purse in this Favorites post because I got it in July and since then I have used it every day, not that surprising I know, considering its my purse! But I totally love the design, Its just a standard fold open with a zip at the back one but I just love it! Its Cath Kidston and I got it in the sale for only £15!

Thanks for reading! See you sooooonnnn!


  1. Thank you for the follow! I've followed your blog back as it seems really good. Great post! Xx

  2. The flower garland is soooo cute! And I really wanna try a Zoeva brush, they look amazing! I absolutely love your blog babe, the photos you upload are stunning!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  3. Nice items. Love the flower garland♥♥♥

  4. Great post! Love Alexa Chung's IT. xx


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